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Jeffery Klein


I have the good fortune of being able bask in my work where I can apply my inspiration from nature’s

beauty, coupling that with an artistic eye, and an extensive knowledge of horticulture and landscape

design principles.

As a child I was drawn to nature and became a student of everything that grew. I was often seen

returning from journeys within the adjacent forest with new native plants, making a new home for them

in my parents gardens. In my early teen years, I was sought out by my neighbors in suburbia New York

city, as the “plant doctor”.

This knowledge has been further enhanced with formal education in Ornamental Horticulture from

Farmingdale State University in New York, and a Certificate in Landscape Design from Ryerson University

in Toronto.

Fifteen years ago I learned how to express what I saw in nature’s beauty through a hobby in landscape

painting. This experience has been a catalyst for my deeper understanding and appreciation for

compositional elements ….. which apply directly to landscape design.

I hold Claude Monet’s work as an inspiration, and have a similar view that a garden landscape is in itself

a canvas; an “artscape” that should be worthy of painting ! When designing a garden, I get the same

excitement and emotions when imagining the many combinations in the palette of colours , shapes,

textures, plants, fragrances, stone, water, light … all of which culminates in a beautiful composition.

A steward of our ecosystem and environment, I always consider native species and sustainable choices

in our designs and plant choices, leading to long- lasting results which are harmonious in nature.

Carefully understanding my client’s style, personality and wishes, provides the basis for us to collaborate

forming an innovative and exciting vision. With an initial design concept, I apply the necessary level of

design processes and tools that are the most applicable to meet the size and complexity of the process.

A sound background in Project Management enables me to effectively plan and control all phases of

your installation; optimizing efficiency, minimizing risk and delays, while assuring high quality standards

and client objectives are met.

To date, I have enjoyed transforming numerous residential properties into radiant, uplifting, or even

sacred zen-like place, all of which reflects the owner’s personal style. It has been most rewarding

hearing the accolades of surprise and excitement from client’s .

I am looking forward to creating our next masterpiece together.

Jeffrey Klein


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