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Three steps to a weed free lawn in Toronto

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Since the pesticide ban went into place a decade ago, now, there’s still a lot of confusion about the best way to maintain a weed-free lawn. While there are no quick-fixes, we’ve had good success with a combination of services that you can do yourself, or hire someone to do for you.

1. Proper Lawn Mowing

The first step is to mow every week. We recommend cutting every week through the season, slowing down only in August when hot days can stop lawns and weeds from growing altogether. Missing a few weekly cuts can give germinated weed seeds the opportunity to enough to out-compete the lawn, so don’t give them the chance.

We also recommend setting you cutting height at 2.5 to 3 inches – higher than most people cut there lawns. This has two benefits – the first, that longer grass is healthier grass, and healthy grass with healthy roots is your best defense against weeds. The second is that weeds can’t survive without light, and taller grass shades out weed seeds enough to weaken them before they take hold.

2. Mechanical Intervention

If you’ve got very few weeds in your lawn, we recommend


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