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About Gardenzilla

A Local Success Story

Since opening our doors in 2014, we've continued to serve Midtown Toronto and East York with the best-rated lawn and garden services in Toronto. What's our secret? Doing good work is easy when you hire exceptional people.

We're proud to introduce you to the amazing team of gardeners, landscapers and office staff that make up Gardenzilla. Learn more about careers at Gardenzilla, or contact us today.

The Gardenzilla Team photographed on October 7, 2019

Our Management & Office Team

Michael Chudy, Head Gardenenr & General Manager

Michael Chudy

General Manager & Head Gardener

James Taylor, Maintenance and Snow Manager for Gardenzilla

James Taylor

Maintenance & Snow Manager

Robin Grant, Office Manager at Gardenzilla Lawn & Garden

Robin Grant

Office Manager


Kaysha Richards

Office Administrator

Our Installations Team

Graeme Hughson, Senior Installations Lead for Gardenzilla

Graeme Hughson

Senior Installations Lead

Corey Hollett

Senior Landscape Installer

Kevin Metcalf, senior installer

Kevin Metcalf

Senior Landscape Installer

Lukas Weerdenburg

Lukas Weerdenburg

Part-time Installations Lead & Mechanic

Our Garden Team

Vittor Prado

Senior Garden Team Lead

Josh Gibson, Garden Team Lead

Josh Gibson

Garden Team Lead

Simon Marsello, Garden Team Lead

Simon Marsello

Garden Team Lead

Katie Fenton, Garden Team Lead

Katie Fenton

Garden Team Lead

Sara Peters, Junior Garden Team Lead

Sara Peters

Junior Garden Team Lead

Andrea Higgs, Gardener

Andrea Higgs

Senior Landscape Gardener

Jesse Shafer, landscape installer

Jesse Shafer

Landscape Gardener

Our Maintenance Team

Michael Wallace, Maintenance Team Lead

Michael Wallace

Senior Maintenance Lead

Hilary Carter, Maintenance Lead

Hilary Carter

Maintenance Lead

Ryan Daley, Junior Maintenance Lead

Ryan Daley

Maintenance Lead

Zach McCaw, Junior Maintenance Lead

Zach McCaw

Senior Maintenance Technician

MacKenzie Mark Junior Maintenance Lead

MacKenzie Mark

Senior Maintenance Technician

Kailan Dalziel, landscape technician

Kailan Dalziel

Senior Maintenance Technician

Kyle Mclean, senior landscape technician

Kyle Mclean

Senior Maintenance Technician

Jim Cotton, Junior Maintenance Lead

Jim Cotton

Maintenance Technician

Kevin Okabe, Junior Maintenance Lead

Kevin Okabe

Senior Maintenance Technician

Peter Hay, Junior Maintenance Lead

Peter Hay

Senior Maintenance Technician

Margret Ambrose, Maintenance Lead

Margret Ambos

Senior Maintenance Technician

Jim Bunn, Programs Manager

Jim Bunn

Senior Programs Lead

Leaside Yard & Office

Our half-acre yard in Leaside allows us to store our vehicles, equipment, plants and materials all together, with two-story offices for our dedicated office and management team.


We stock a wide variety of plants in our Leaside nursery, reducing wait times. Custom orders arrive and are stored and watered on site until your job is complete.

Interested in joining our team?

See our current job openings and learn more about working at Gardenzilla.

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