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Covid-19 Response Plan

Michael ChudyLast updated February 5, 2023

We continue to regularly review and update our Covid-19 policies and procedures.

The safety and protection of our staff, customers, and the public is a top priority for myself and for the company.


Michael Chudy

Michael Chudy,
General Manager & Founder
Gardenzilla Ltd.


The purpose of these policies & procedures is to meet or exceed current safety recommendations for Lawn Care Workers, to create a safe working environment, and to play our part in the global effort to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Employee Policies & Procedures

Additional Resources

The following resources are maintained on this page for reference. They are the documents we used to verify our status as an essential business during the shutdown of non-essential businesses in March and April 2020. In early May, Doug Ford made it clear that all aspects of landscaping are permitted to work, and so these resources no longer apply.

Transcript of Recording from Recording of Provincial Essential Work Approval

" management, [garbled], and landscaping is not allowed. And if you want to you can do grass cutting, you can maintain trees, maintain ponds, and [um] you can do cleaning work, sanitation in the gardens, you can just keep them or maintain the gardens, but you're not allowed to establish new ones."

"Okay, that's perfect, so we're allowed to do routine property maintenance in the form of grass cutting, garden cleanups, basic garden care, but we're not allowed to do any installation work."


"Okay, that's great, thanks very much I appreciate your help."

"No problem sir."

"Have a good night."