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Fall Cleanups

An affordable fall cleanup of leaves with optional winterizing of garden beds.
We respond to most requests within 1 to 2 business hours.

Fall Cleanup Rates

$85 / HOUR / STAFF

+ $42.50 TRAVEL TIME


What's Included?

Our fall cleanups include one, two or three visits to winterize your gardens and clean up leaves and other debris.

  • On an optional first visit, we prune and winterize your gardens in first half of November.
  • On our next visit in the second half of November, we cleanup and bag your fall leaves
  • On an optional final visit, we return in December for a quick final cleanup
Gardenzilla staff member Sean doing a fall cleanup

Leaf Cleanup & Bagging

We will collect and bag fall leaves from lawns, gardens, patios and curblines.

Garden care and cleanups by a gardenzilla staff member

Winterizing Gardens

We cut back perennials, remove annual flowers, and empty summer planters.

Garden care and cleanups by a gardenzilla staff member

Seasonal Pruning

We do light seasonal pruning of shrubs and hedges, including removal of dead and crossed branches, and light shaping.

Yard waste bags

Curbline Disposal

All debris is left at the curb for collection by the city. The cost of bags is included in your service.

Experienced Teams

Our staff are full time gardeners and have done thousands of fall cleanups.

Easily Customized

Need something else done at the same time? Just let us know when you book.

Local Business

We're owned, live and work locally - thank you for supporting local business!

Did you know?

Fall cleanups are included standard on all of our popular maintenance plans.

Fall Cleanup Pricing Examples

These prices are based on typical fall leaf cleanups in the second half of November. The cost to optionally winterize gardens or for return visits in December cost incrementally more. Actual invoicing will be based on the time our crew takes during your visit.

Semis & Townhouses

Semis & townhouses

Approx $170 + hst

Gardenzilla bags out front of a fall leaf cleanup

Detached Home

Approx $255 + hst

Lawn mowing client in East York

Larger Detached Home

Approx $340 + hst

Landscape maintenance client in Lawrence Park

Estate Homes

$425 + hst or more

Fall Cleanup Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Invoices are calculated based on our hourly rate multiplied by the number of staff who service your property, from the time we arrive at your property until the time we depart. We calculate our time on site to the nearest five minutes.

In addition to the hourly rate on site, we have a standard charge for travel time that is applied to all invoices.

Finally, if you requested any additional materials (like mulch or soil) or requested that we remove debris from your property (we usually leave it neatly bagged for city collection at no charge), then those additional charges are applied to your invoice.

HST is applied to the total amount, and the invoice is emailed, usually the next business day.

Our crew records their time on site after they complete their work, which is reported to our office at the end of the day. The next business day, our office team will issue an invoice for the work, which you receive by email.

Have a question?

Have a Question?