Lawn & Garden Services in Midtown Toronto & East York
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Garden Design & Installation Services

Selection and installation of shrubs, ornamental trees and perennial gardens.
We respond to most requests within 1 to 2 business hours.

Example Pricing

Front Planting

Tree & Shrub Planting $995

Planting of small Japanese Maple and limelight hydrangea.

Beech Tree Planting

Beech Hedge $1325

Planting of five small beech trees as a hedge into rear gardens.

Garden planting

Planting & Driveway Repair $4955

Garden planting and partial expansion of driveay with existing pavers.

Header Mulch

Planting & Hardscape $8360

Front garden planting with mulch, river rock, and a small interlock walkway.

Planting in the beaches

Garden Planting $11000

Extensive front and back garden planting in the Beach.

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