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Weekly & Biweekly Lawn Mowing

Our popular lawn mowing plan combines weekly lawn mowing with your spring and fall cleanups. Start now with easy online pricing and signup.
We respond to most requests within 1 to 2 business hours.

Weekly Lawn Mowing from $150 / month

Our weekly lawn mowing plans run from April through November and include your spring and fall cleanups at no additional charge.

What's Included

Simple Monthly Invoicing

Simple email invoicing with easy payment by money transfer or credit card.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Spring and fall cleanups are included at no additional charge.

Available Fertilizer & Weed Control

Optional lawn fertilizer and weed control add-ons.

Your Local Team

We're not a franchise - we grew up, live, and work in our service area. Support local!

Five Star Customer Service

We have a full time off team that quickly responds to concerns and requests.

No Commitment

Month-to-month invoicing with no long term commitment - cancel service at any time.

Five star review

The future of lawn care. I want these guys as my go to lawn people... very highly recommended!

Weekly Lawn Mowing Pricing

Semis & Townhouses

Semis & Townhouses

$150 monthly + hst

Detached Houses

Detached Homes

$170 monthly + hst

Larger detached houses

Larger Detached Homes

$210 monthly + hst

Frequently Asked Questions

Our lawn mowing services begin in April and end in November, for a total of eight months. Of course, you can start and stop your lawn mowing services at any time.

In April we include a spring cleanup at no additional charge, an exceptional value, as the cost of a spring cleanup with other companies is usually much higher than the cost of a month of lawn mowing.

In November we include a fall cleanup at no additional charge, again offering exceptional value over our competitors' fall cleanups. There are no additional charges for yard waste bags.

Your weekly or biweekly lawn mowing visits will include

  • a cut of your lawn with freshly sharpened blades
  • a professional trim of the borders of your lawn where it meets walkways, gardens or obstacles
  • a full debris cleanup of your property including curblines

In April and November we also include your spring and fall cleanups, which will include

  • cleanup of winter debris from all lawn areas and paved surfaces (like your curblines, driveway, patios, walkways and deck)

All debris is left neatly bagged for collection by the city.

Our standard cutting height is 2.5" - higher than you might expect. A higher cutting height improves the health of the lawn significantly, helping to shade the tender roots of the lawn, and outcompete small weeds.

In the fall we typically reduce our height to 2" to make it easier to collect fall leaves and to leave the lawn looking neat for the winter months.

If you want your lawn mowed higher or lower than our standard cutting height, just let the office know. How team is happy to help.

We invoice once a month, on the first day of the month. Invoices arrive by email, and can be paid only with your Visa or Mastercard.

We also accept payment by email money transfer to (it's set up for automatic deposit, so no passwords are required), or by cheque made out to

Gardenzilla Ltd.
618 O'Connor Dr.
East York, ON
M4C 3A1

Yes, you can cancel your services at any time. You are only responsible for the pro-rated cost of the services you've already used. If you have paid in full for a month, and cancel half way through, we will automatically refund your balance.

We are unable to offer reasonable timelines or pricing for one-time grass cuts. We can definitely help with mowing heavily overgrown lawns, but with the note that our timelines during the busy season can be a few weeks to a month or more. For overgrown grass cuts, please see our yard work services.

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