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Stormflow Surfacing Installation

We are an authorized installer of Stormflow Surfacing permeable patios, walkways and driveways.
We respond to most requests within 1 to 2 business hours.

Made from recycled tires, stone aggregate and a proprietary binding agent, Stormflow Surfacing is an ideal surfacing material with endless applications. The unique design of the material allows the entire surface area to be porous which allows an amazing 5,800-6,300 gallons of water per hour to pass through each square foot of surface area.

Stormflow Surfacing is a 'pour in place' material that is mixed on site and applied as a single monolithic pour. Installation is much faster than traditional pavers and is much easier than concrete to finish. Best of all, Stormflow Surfacing is fully cured in 24 hours and ready for use.

Thank you for expressing interest in the installation of Stormflow Surfacing (previously Porous Pave) for your property. As the only approved residential installer in the Toronto area, we aim to give you peace of mind in your decision to use this incredible product that is good for both you and the environment.


Are the colours durable?

Stormflow Surfacing, when mixed with standard binder, has shown a tendancy to dark and/or develop a hue when exposed to sunlight. Installation of material in full sunlight will change colour almost immediately while installations in shade or done on cloudy days will darked over a longer time. Typically the product will darken to its fullest extent within the first month.

What materials can it be installed over?

Stormflow Surfacing can be insalled over wood, steel, alumnum, concrete, ashphault, compacted aggregate, crushed concrete, crushed asphault, crushed marble fines, enamal tile, fiberglass, chlorine, ozone, bromine, muratic acid, oil, transmission flud, and hydraulic fluid.

Is it slip resistant?

Yes - the ADA compound surface is composed of thousands of rubber granules giving it incredible non-slip qualities.

Will it crack?

Because of the elastic properties of the rubber chips, stormflow surfacing can expand and contract making it strong to resist cracking or crumbling.

WARRANTY - 3 years

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