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Sod Installation

Sod installation by our expert team. Midtown Toronto's first choice for full and partial installation of new lawns.
We respond to most requests within 1 to 2 business hours. You can use the calculator for an instant quote online.

Sod is the fastest way to install a new lawn or replace an existing lawn. Our team is experienced with a wide-range of job types - from laying down a few rolls of sod to repair a dead patch of lawn, to tackling heavy weed infestations, grading issues, and soil deficiencies. Our team makes the process easy and affordable.

Your New Lawn

Our team has tackled hundreds of new lawn installations for clients in Midtown Toronto and East York. We tackle both simple repair jobs, as well as complex jobs involving aggressive perennial weeds or substandard soil conditions.

Experienced Team

Our sod installation leads each have 5+ years experience.

One-Day Installation

We are typically able to start and finish your sod installation on the same day.

Weed Control

We control perennial weeds like creeping charlie, violet and dandilions so your new lawn stays weed free.

Premium Sod

We use fresh-cut, locally-grown sod, cut on the day of installation just for your job.

Raccoon Proofing

Every quote comes with optional raccoon proofing as an available add-on.

Online Price Calcualtor

Try our Online Price Calculator to get an accurate quote without entering any contact information.

Nichole A.

 I highly recommend Gardenzilla. The team is very professional and have a strong work ethic. We needed to install new sod in our back yard this spring and they took special care to do it right, and came back a couple of times to check on the work. They are reliable in the services they provide and their owner, Mike, is really a great guy to work with.

Sod Installation Step-by-Step

Sod Installation Process

1. Initial Grading

Removal of existing weeds and roots, and regrading.

Sod Installation Process

2. Amendment

Amendment of lawn bed with premium triple mix.

Sod Installation Process

3. Sod Installation

Installation of fresh, locally grown sod.

Sod Installation Process

4. Final Cleanup

After a final cleanup, enjoy your new lawn!

What You Can Expect

Clean Worksite

Cleaning up is a standard part of every job - we'll clean up the mess we make doing work on your property.

On Budget

Once we offer a quote, we double-down to ensure there are no surprises or hidden costs in your job.

Experienced Staff

Our team is friendly and experienced - we are career landscapers and love the work we do.

Responsive Office

Our office team is quick to respond to emails and phone calls, so you don't feel forgotten in the proces.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of sod installation varies widely with the size of the job (larger jobs are less expensive per square foot) and the complexity of the installation (grading, weed control, excavation, etc.). 

In general, our sod installation services cost about $5.50 per square foot, including the cost of labour, materials and disposal.

We use locally grown Kentucky Bluegrass. Because bluegrass grows best in full-sun conditions, we blend in a shade seed mix with installation in shadier locations, to improve the health of the turf over the long term.

All of our quotes come with the option to request raccoon proofing for your sod installation. You can have it done at the same time we do your sod installation (if you know raccoons are active in your neighbourhood), or you can request it following installation if raccoons become a nuisance.

To stop raccoons from turning over your sod, we install chicken wire over the entire surface, pegging it down with large landscape staples. This has proven highly effective against raccoons. We typically remove the chicken wire four to six weeks after the sod installation, but in rare cases raccoons are so aggressive that we opt to leave it in place permanently.

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