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Materials Reference

A comprehensive reference for products and materials used in our landscape installation projects.

Our installations team works with a wide range of products and materials. We've done our best to showcase those materials here, with available colour and other options showcased so you know exactly what you're getting with a Gardenzilla installation.

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    Header Mulch

    Soil, Compost & Mulch

    For most small and mid-size installations, we use premium products from Quebec-based Fafard. Note that our cedar mulch is a very high quality pure cedar mulch with no dye.

    Fafard 31 Mix

    Triple Mix

    Fafard Compost


    Fafard Natural Cedar

    Cedar Mulch

    Fafard Black Mulch

    Black Mulch

    Aggregates & Natural Stone

    We offer a number of popular aggregates that can be used as surfaces for patios, walkways, gardens, or other landscape features.

    Aggregates - Pea Gravel

    Pea Gravel

    Aggregates - River Rocks

    1-3" River Rock

    Aggregates - 34 Gravel

    3/4" Gravel

    Natural Stone - Flagstone


    Hardscape 005

    Pavers for Patios & Walkways

    We've included a number of our most popular pavers for interlock patios and walkways below. Can't find a paver you like? We can install any product from the wide selection available on Best Way Stone or Unilock websites.

    Visit the Best Way Stone website.

    Visit the Unilock website.

    Beacon Hill Smooth

    A popular paver available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. This is an excellent product.

    Visit product page on Unilock website.

    Beacon Hill Smooth - Dark Brown

    Dark Brown

    Beacon Hill Smooth - Granite Mist

    Granite Mist

    Beacon Hill Smooth - Midnight Charcoal

    Midnight Charcoal

    Beacon Hill Smooth - Opal Blend

    Opal Blend

    Beacon Hill Smooth - Almond Grove Fusion

    Almond Grove Fusion

    Beacon Hill Smooth - Tuscany


    Beacon Hill Smooth - Fossil


    Brussels Block

    An excellent choice for patios and walkways, with a good pricepoint and a modern, tumbled aesthetic. This is one of our most popular pavers.

    Visit product page on Unilock website.

    Brussels Block - Limestone


    Brussels Block - Mahogany Ash

    Mahogany Ash

    Brussels Block - Sandstone


    Brussels Block - Midnight Charcoal

    Midnight Charcoal

    Brussels Block - Coffee Creek

    Coffee Creek

    Header Retaining Wall

    Dimensional Stones for Retaining Walls

    Brussels Dimensional Stone

    An excellent choice for low borders and retaining walls, brussels dimensional stone is an especially good choice alongside patios and walkways built from Brussels Block pavers.

    Visit product page on Unilock website.

    Brussels Dimensional - Limestone


    Brussels Dimensional - Mahogany Ash

    Mahogany Ash

    Brussels Dimensional - Sandstone


    Brussels Dimensional - Midnight Charcoal

    Midnight Charcoal

    Brussels Dimensional - Coffee Creek

    Coffee Creek