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2024 Pricing Update

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We’ve now finalized pricing for 2024, and will have prices updated on the website by February 1st. As always, we did our best to keep our pricing in line with inflation – a 3% increase for the year.

Significant Changes

Maintenance clients (weekly and biweekly services) for smaller and mid-sized homes received small price increases in line with inflation. Larger properties will see increases above inflation, as we’ve found that the pricing for large properties hasn’t been reflective of the time it takes our teams to complete their work. We expect to see higher-than-inflation increases for large properties again next year (2025) and should then see future increases more in line with inflation.

Our fertilizer and weed control programs have all seen modest increases of about $5 / application – we expect this increase to hold in 2025, so that our next price increases will be seen in 2026 or 2027.

This year our hourly rate for on-demand gardening services moved from $80 to $85 / hour, but our discounted rates for biweekly and monthly garden care stayed at $75 / hour, and our rate for customized recurring garden stayed unchanged at $80 / hour. Both of these services now offer a more significant discount over our regular hourly rate.


Any services set to auto-renew will pay our standard rates from 2023 – 2024 pricing only applies to new jobs booked in 2024, or on recurring jobs without the auto-renew option selected. We will be sending out reminder emails in March, and will include any changes in price in those emails.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, we take these price increases very seriously. The costs of running Gardenzilla – from staffing to insurance, equipment to supplies – increases year-over-year, and so we do an annual review of all prices to ensure we’re keeping up with inflation. We also review every individual service to ensure that pricing is fair and consistent. This year, maintenance plans for large properties were the only items that required a significant increase above inflation, because our experience is that the time it takes to maintain them hasn’t been reflected in the price. These individual adjustments happen only infrequently, and keep pricing fair for all sizes and types of work we offer.

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Our 2024 Pricing will be live on our Rates page as of February 1st.