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Our Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care services include everything you need to create, repair, and maintain a beautiful healthy lawn.

Lawn Mowing Services

Weekly lawn mowing just north of the Annex

Our lawn mowing services included are popular weekly lawn mowing, as well as short-term lawn mowing for when you're away on vacation, and one-time mowing of overgrown lawns for when you fall behind.

You get perfect cuts, with detailed trimming of lawn borders, and a crisp clean look, week after week.

Lawn mowing is also known as grass cutting .

Weekly Lawn Mowing Services

Our popular weekly lawn mowing services offer simple pricing starting from just $100 monthly. No hidden fees, no long-term commitment, and our high customer satisfaction make this a great choice for busy homeowners.

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Short-Term (Vacation) Lawn Mowing

Going away on vacation? We've helped hundreds of homeowners with short-term lawn mowing services while they're out of town, or otherwise unable to maintain the lawn. Give us a call today.

Mowing Overgrown Lawns

Have a notice from the city about your overgrown lawn? We get a lot of calls from owners who fell behind on lawn mowing during construction, a hospital stay, or other circumstances - we include mowing of overgrown lawns in our Yard Cleanup services. Give us a call for an estimate and to book your services today.

Lawn Care Programs

Weekly lawn mowing and trimming in Lawrence Park

Our lawn care programs are simple, affordable services to maintain the long term health and beauty of your lawn. We work with premium organic and alternative products, and are able to tell you about our processes and pricing.

Lawn care programs are an important part of lawn maintenance.

Lawn Fertilizer Program

Our organize lawn fertilizing program can be purchased on its own, or as part of a lawn mowing or garden maintenance plan. Four well-timed annual visits ensured sustained growth and long term health for your lawn. Starting from $140 annually.

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Lawn Weed Control

Our lawn weed control program gives you four annual applications of Fiesta (chelated iron) - a safe, effective control for broadleaf weeds in your lawn. For heavy infestations, we also recommending considering our lawn repair services.

Lawn weed control details & pricing

Lawn Repairs & Installation

Sodding and seeding new lawns - a service from Gardenzilla lawn and garden in midtown Toronto

Topdressing & Overseeding

Topdressing and overseeding is the application of organic topdressing (to enrich soil) and lawn seed (for a thicker, healthier lawn) to an existing lawn. It can help fill thin spots, bare patches, and improve performance in heavy-shade or heavy-sun locations.

For topdressing and overseeding services, just give us a call and we can give you a quote over the phone.

Lawn Aeration

Although many companies will tell you that lawn aeration should be done every year, our winter's freeze-thaw cycle actually does most of the work for us. As water freezes and thaws in the soil, it expands and contracts, aerating the soil naturally. However, with heavy clay soils, and areas with lots of foot traffic, core aeration remains a good option for improving access of water and air into the roots. 

Sod Installation

Our sodding services can be applied over bare patches (repair), or to create an entirely new lawn (installation). Sod is a fast, reliable way to quickly create a new lawn, but we always recommend doing a soil inspection before sodding to ensure that your investment has the best chance of thriving.

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Frank Ridgeright has more than forty years experience in the landscape industry. He joined Gardenzilla in 2016, and worked with owner Michael Chudy to create a complete lawn care program offering exceptional value and results.

Whether you're looking for simple weekly mowing, or to take your lawn to the next level, we're here to help.

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