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Our popular weekly lawn mowing service includes weekly lawn mowing, detailing, and cleanup from mid-April through mid-November. Simple monthly pricing and exceptional service make Gardenzilla your best choice for lawn mowing in Midtown Toronto.

Service Highlights

Pricing & Signup

We offer standardized pricing for houses in our service area, and free quotes for condos, retail, and commercial buildings. Either way, we offer the best value in Midtown Toronto.

Want to talk to someone? Give us a call at (647) 461-0285, or use our simple online form to request an estimate or book an on-site meeting.

Semis & Townhouses

$ 130 monthly + hst
  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Weekly lawn detailing
  • Weekly cleanup
  • Cancel any time
  • Pricing applies for townhouses and semi-detached houses only.

Detached Houses

$ 150 monthly + hst
  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Weekly lawn detailing
  • Weekly cleanup
  • Cancel any time
  • Pricing applies for detached houses with lots less than 30 feet wide.

Detached Houses +

$ 170 monthly + hst
  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Weekly lawn detailing
  • Weekly cleanup
  • Cancel any time
  • Pricing applies for all houses with lots wider than 30 feet.

Five star review

The future of lawn care. I want these guys as my go to lawn people... very highly recommended!

Mary C.
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Lawn Mowing FAQ

What is a lawn mowing service?

A lawn mowing service can also be called a grass cutting service, a lawn care service or a lawn service. A lawn mowing service lets you pay a single monthly invoice for weekly lawn mowing services. With Gardenzilla, you can start or stop your services any time, and we focus on offering a reliable, high level of service with simple online invoicing.

What services are included?

Our weekly lawn mowing services include lawn mowing, edging the lawn, and a quick cleanup. Lawn mowing begins April 15th and ends November 15th, but you can start or stop any time.

Optional services include our organic fertilizer program, our weed control program, garden maintenance, and spring and fall cleanups.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are busy homeowners, senior, and landlords in Midtown & North Toronto. Our pricing is hard to beat, and with our high customer satisfaction and focus on simplicity, there is no better value in our service area.

Is there a discount for smaller lawns?

No. Our pricing includes a $10 / month discount if you only need your front lawn mowed. There are no other discounts and no exceptions.

In general, it takes more time to load and unload our equipment than it does to cut any lawn in our service area. Our simplified pricing was based on more than 10 years of mowing data - what we find, again and again, is that it isn't the size of the lawn, but the size of the property, that determines the time it takes to service the house.

How high do you cut the grass?

Between 2.5 and 3 inches. Our standard cutting is higher than you're probably used to. We cut this high because it helps reduce stress on the lawn during hot, dry periods, and helps the grass out-compete weeds. We're happy to accommodate requests for higher or lower cutting.

What is your service area?

Midtown Toronto - The Annex, Cabbagetown, The Danforth, East York, Leaside, Rosedale, South Hill / Casa Loma, Summerhill, and Yorkville.

North Toronto - Bedford Park, Caribou Park, Chaplin Estates, Davisville Village, Deer Park, Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, Ledbury Park, Lytton Park, Moore Park, and Yonge & Eglinton.

East York - East York, the Beaches, Leslieville, Danforth, Wexford, Jonesville.

2018 Service area for Gardenzilla including Midtown and Uptown Toronto, East York, Bedford Park, Don Mills, Lawrence Park, Lytton Park, Old Forest Hill, Forest Hill, Yonge & Eglinton, Wexford, Don Mills, Rosedale, The Annex, Christie Pits, Parkdale, Cabbagetown, the Danforth, Leslieville, The Beaches, and Jonesville

Can I cancel my lawn mowing services?

Yes. You can cancel without penalty at any time. Just let us know by email that you'd like us to stop the service. You are still responsible for paying any outstanding invoices, but we will refund you a pro-rated amount based on the number of remaining grass cuts in the month.

See our refund policy for more information on how refunds are processed (it depends on how you paid).

For example, if we send you an invoice on May 15th, do a grass cut on May 17th, and then you cancel your service you will still be responsible for paying the unpaid invoice from May 15th. Once paid, we will refund you a pro-rated amount for the three remaining service visits.

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